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Sat, Apr. 16th, 2005, 12:25 am
Yes! I am a long way from home...almost

God, this thing is so emo to the extreme it hurts. Everything is A-OK now for the most part though. I leave for Chicago Sunday! Then when I get back I get to go to Virginia to play a piano piece I hardly know in a competition! Awesome fun indeed. Tomorrow I have mucho scholarships to fill out...and I need to get subs for all next week at work. Hmmm...if I stay up late tonight I'll prolong the coming schedule of events...right???

Today I went to Borders and the new Barnes and Noble with my girlfriend and I didn't buy any CDs or books. Is this good? Is this bad? Either way, I'll probably pick up the new Caribou next week. I've heard good things!

I also solved the crossword puzzle my girlfriend had been stuck on, and I felt smart. Yay.

Over and out.